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Social Media Case Studies Of Twincity Health Run in Vapi

TwinCity, A Multispecialty Clinic for Diabetes & Lungs Care located at Vapi, Gujarat (India). Having a Broad Inception related to Health, the Founders came up with a vision to bring a huge change in a Patient’s Mindset & Life. Subsequently there after we started the Health Run Concept with the Campaign #TwinCityHealthRun which was continued for about 25 Days.

Initiated with a concept, the Logo was designed by us & further finalized followed up by the T-shirts & Banner Designs. And promptly we started sharing the social media posts on social platforms.


Amid this campaign, we reached the target audiences by letting patients & people know Why #TwinCity healthy run?
We made Awareness regarding Health Run, its benefits & why especially patients should Run for this. For visitors, we contrived a Guest post & Registration site so that each visitor can understand and know about #TwinCityHealthRun more accurately. We created Event on Social Platform and slotted Influencer Marketing conspiracy by sharing Doctors Motivating Videos which played an extensive role to seize the audiences reach.

We led this campaign to not only bring awareness but also to motivate patients & people to Run Regularly to Stay Fit & Healthy Lifelong.

course detail

With a vision, the campaign was set to Run For Health for the first time in Vapi (A small town of Gujarat). Decisively it turned out to a huge triumph & more than expected entries were generated for #TwinCityHealthRun .

Case Study of social media marketing

Case Study of social media marketing

Case Study of social media marketing

Case Study of social media marketing

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