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E-Commerce Startup Achieved 3X ROAS in 6 month

Digital Marketing Case Study: Performance Marketing For E-commerce

Performance Marketing For E-commerce


Client: Desk Ki Dava (E-commerce)
Start Date: January 2024
Objective: Achieve 3X ROAS in 6 months

Initial Setup and Strategy

January 2024:

Sales: 20

Strategy: Focus on improving the conversion funnel and user journey.

Actions Taken:

Analyzed website user flow to identify and eliminate friction points.

Implemented A/B testing for landing pages to optimize conversions.

Enhanced the checkout process to reduce cart abandonment.

Progress and Adjustments

February 2024:

Sales: 72

Focus Areas:

Optimized performance marketing strategy.

Refined audience targeting to increase relevance.

Actions Taken:

Used data from January to fine-tune ad targeting and creative.

Increased investment in high-performing channels.

Introduced personalized email marketing campaigns.

March 2024:

Sales: 238

ROAS: 100%

Actions Taken:

Continued optimization of performance marketing.

Enhanced product descriptions and imagery.

Integrated customer feedback to improve product offerings.

Scaling Up

April 2024:

Sales: 414

ROAS: 180%

Actions Taken:

Maintained consistent ad spend while optimizing campaigns for better returns.

Increased focus on content marketing and SEO.

Introduced loyalty programs and referral incentives.

May 2024:

Sales: 524

ROAS: 200%

Actions Taken:

Strengthened organic growth strategies.

Leveraged social proof through user-generated content and reviews.

Expanded influencer partnerships to reach a broader audience.

Achieving 3X ROAS

June 2024:

Sales: 717

ROAS: 300%

Traffic and Impressions:

Users Acquired: 43,000

Paid Traffic: 23,000 users per month

Organic Traffic: 3,000 users per month

Impressions: 2.29 million

Impression Spending: Rs 75,000

Performance marketing for startup

Actions Taken:

Balanced organic and paid strategies for sustained growth.

Conducted comprehensive market analysis to identify new growth opportunities.

Continued refinement of all marketing channels based on performance data.

Key Takeaways

Conversion Funnel Optimization:

Improving user experience and removing obstacles in the buying process significantly boosted early sales.

Performance Marketing:

Data-driven decisions and continuous optimization were crucial in scaling paid advertising efforts.

Gradual increase in ad spend aligned with improved targeting and creative.

Organic Growth:

Effective content marketing, SEO, and leveraging social proof played a significant role in increasing organic orders.

Building a loyal customer base through referral programs and excellent customer service enhanced long-term growth.

Integrated Strategy:

Combining organic and paid strategies ensured a steady increase in sales and ROAS.

Consistent monitoring and adaptation based on performance metrics allowed for sustained growth.


By focusing on a comprehensive approach to digital marketing that balanced both paid and organic efforts, Desk Ki Dava achieved significant growth in sales and ROAS, reaching a 300% ROAS by June 2024. This case study highlights the importance of continuous optimization, data-driven decision-making, and a cohesive marketing strategy.

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