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Performance Marketing For Hospital

Primary goal of hospital is to provide quality service to patients, due to continuous patients flow and sometimes hospitals struggle to full filled all beds. 

Digital Marketing is a Process of marketing online on internet to increase patience count. 

Performance marketing is an overall strategies to increase digital sales of hospitals in term of OPD & IPD for hospital industries. 

  1. Google MyBusiness Management: Hospital industries is an something that people visits offline and location targeting, one need to create google my business page on map then optimized it with all information and regular reviews helps us increase our visibility. Updates latest post & activities.
  2. Website Design: website is an important part of performance marketing. once you have interacting website where user can come find all services and book an appointment. We at 360degree digital marketing design website in such a way that it has all the information including about hospital, all departments details, doctors listing, appointment schedule, enquiry pages and online chat options.     
  3. Social Media Marketing: Social Media is an important part of performance marketing in order to increase your brand value, awareness, Promotions & sales.  Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, twitter etc. have 90% active user. Social media marketing is an effective way of doing marketing for hospitals. 360Degree Digital Marketing provides complete digital marketing services in term of content creation, strategies management, creative design, engagement and organic leads. 
  4. Search Engine Optimization: Everyone search before buying or need any information. in hospital industries normally patience search before making any enquiry. We try to rank every keywords on top positions of search engine so that we can get maximum traffic & leads. Online Appointment can be booked directly on website. 
  5. Google AdWords: Running paid campaign can increase specific leads which can generate 30 to 40% leads to OPD conversation. OPD to IPD conversation would be 20%. thus, an overall leads can be generated and it maybe be converted to OPD and then IPD. 
  6. Social Media Leads Generation: Social Media is an effective way of generating leads like Facebook & Instagram. Running a packages on social media can give us better results because this ads is a display campaign.  
  7. Performance Automation: Automation is a process of tracking all details activities along with leads into CRM and at the end of the day total revenue generated. Basically calculation of all leads then leads to OPD conversation then IPD conversation and total revenue generated 

360Degree Digital Marketing has given 5X revenue in hospitals. So, if you are looking for an automation process for your digital marketing then you are at right place enquiry Now


FAQ For Performance Marketing For Hospital 

Q1. Can we do performance marketing for Clinic ? 

Yes, for clinic we can do performance marketing and can generate good amount of business. even budget is less as compare to hospital. 

Q2. How much revenue can hospital generate through performance marketing ? 

Hospital can generate 20L to 30L revenue every month through good performance marketing strategies. 

Q3. Do doctors need digital marketing? 

yes, through personal branding doctors can  increase their personal branding. 

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