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Why Email Marketing?

 Email marketing is not new, but it is far from dead. Below are a few reasons why you should consider using our agency’s email marketing services:


  • 9 billion people use email applications
  • 91% of consumers check their email on a daily basis
  • 86% of consumers would like to receive promotional emails from companies they do business with
  • 1/3 of consumers have purchased products and services from emails

The truth is that your customers check their emails every day. They want to receive emails from brands they do business with. But, they only want it if you are emailing valuable content. Our email marketing agency will help you create emails your audience will love.

A good e-mail is the one which has all the correct data that a customer needs. If you truly understand how, when and where the customer will open and read your e-mail then you are successful in delivering what you wish for. Sending an e-mail is very easy but what to send in that e-mail is a little tricky. A beautifully designed e-mail with all the correct content in it makes it a good e-mail. You can achieve your marketing goals by creatively designing an e-mail with all the correct tools. It is the most reliable and trustworthy delivering service these days.

It is the simplest and the most effective way of delivering services, depicting advertisement, to perform a business, to grow sales, to donate, to develop trust and loyalty and to create brand awareness. This commercial type of networking enhances the growth of your business by convincing the customers to immediately purchase your products or opt your services. It helps in repeating the business of your loyal customers by managing your contacts and by sharing third-party ads and encouraging business over a business. It gives us a better understanding of return over investment. It simplifies your business as its the cheapest and the fastest way of communication.

Its the best way of keeping an eye over a company and on all the deals or discounts which they offer by just subscribing the newsletter. Interestingly, that subscription costs nothing to customers. With the help of latest e-mail marketing software, we dare to stand out and our dedicated team promises you to create attractive looking e-mails to convince more customers which will result in increased sales. Our efficient team design in minutes and open doors of wealth for you. We believe in making your dreams come true. Hence, we create single-track and multi-level mailing campaigns for you on a virtual drawing board with THEA.

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